Word of Notice

As from the end of 2019, there will be a few changes inside of Duvoisin Guitars. The first one concerns Jacques Duvoisin, that will be retiring at the end of the year, after twelve years of hard work and passion dedicated to the production and innovation of the electric bass and guitar. Duvoisin Guitars could not have existed without him, so the whole team thanks him for all he has done for the company these last years. We wish him a great retirement full of cycling activities (one of his other passions!).

In order to continue serving you in the best of ways, Duvoisin Guitars has decided to unite with the best Music shop of the Neuchâtel region: Music-Avenue. As from the 1st of January 2020, Music-Avenue will open its walls to accommodate the Duvoisin Guitars workshop.

In this new setting, Gilles Duvoisin will offer you his instrument maker skills in order to repair, adjust or customize your stringed instrument. He will also remain responsible for the Duvoisin Guitars worldwide customer service.

Duvoisin Guitars will continue to build the Standard Guitar/Bass series, the sale of which will be exclusively managed by Music-Avenue. On the other hand, without Jacques, we have decided to stop making our custom, super- and fat-standard lines.

For all collectors out there, please be aware that we have only very few exceptionally high-quality custom pieces available in our workshop in Saint-Blaise. First come will be the first served and thereby acquire a real collectible.

We will be happy to answer directly any questions you may have.

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Why innovation matters to Duvoisin Guitars

Do it first or do it different

Innovative concepts in the electronic circuit, diffuser, bridge and its connection to the strings of our instruments are unique.

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It resides in the ability to build something unique from a few carefully chosen pieces of wood. It embodies the art of shaping the instrument and the will to give it a purpose in the hands of the music aficionado. The art of lute making is key to the quality of the instrument we strive to achieve.


It needs to drive your sound with high fidelity and reliability. In order to match our demanding requirements, we have devoted many hours to develop our own electronics. We are very proud of the fact that they now stand for the heart and soul of all our instruments.


It brings together all people part of the Duvoisin Guitars adventure. The search for the best product, the best sound and the pride associated to a job well done. Since 2006, years have gone into the development of the instruments we are now very proud to offer you.

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Duvoisin Gig Bag for Guitar

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Duvoisin Gig Bag for Bass

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