Our new site is finally online... Welcome to all music fans.

Well, we finally did it... we're now online with a new style and some new content. The website can be consulted in French or English, and German will be available in the next two weeks. Please be welcome to navigate and explore, especially the following new sections and offers:

1. Duvoisin is now focusing on its own brand... Find our "Products+" page describing our range of basses and guitars, you'll discover plenty of exciting news...! Best of all, you can now also buy online!

2. We are also opening an online Secondhand Shop... Our clients will be able to sell or buy used instruments and hardware after a thorough check and/or service by our team. We have already posted some exceptional secondhand instruments... more to come soon.

3. We are reducing the price of our foreign brand inventory, as we make room for our own guitars and basses. You'll find them in our secondhand section bearing a visible blue "Sale" stamp printed on the picture of the instrument. All "Sale" marked instruments are new and eagerly awaiting a first owner! Great deals are to be snatched on brands like Warrior, Gibson, Fender, PRS and many more,... First come, first served!

4. Finally, you will also find information on our company, our team, our innovations and where to find us if you want to check out our workshop premises.

Have fun exploring the content and don't hesitate to leave comments or questions on info@duvoisinguitars.com

Your's truly,

The Duvoisin Guitars SA Team

February 25, 2015 by Pierre Camilleri
Tags: News