Our last pride and joy: The poplar top bass

It's finally here... Crafted by the magical hands of Jacques and Gilles, equipped with our active electronics and our patented Duvoisin© bridge: Our custom made poplar top bass. You can check the specs in our bass section. Its incredible light weight does not alter the deep and punchy Duvoisin sound; it's a pure delight to play, definitely our pride and joy. The headstock poplar veneer is so unique that we could not force ourselves to inlay our brand on it.

This is no client order, but one of two custom basses to celebrate our new internet site. An incredible number of hours has gone into building the poplar top... So far all comments have been flatteringly positive ;-)

Truly your's

The Duvoisin Guitars SA Team

April 29, 2015 by Pierre Camilleri

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