A preview of our revolutionary guitar pickups

Dear Followers,

We have decided to give you a sneak peek at our passive guitar pickups, as they are in the process of being patented. They look like standard humbuckers, yet their construction is revolutionary and unique... and for once, we're not just talking about technical aspects (these will be developed in our innovation page during the month of August), but about the pratical impact for the guitarist. You will be able to modify your sound on three levels:

  1. The magnet is not where you think (more on that in August)... thus meaning that you can modify its diameter, and thereby modify your sound. We have developed a very easy way to do this at home, that we shall explain through a video in the coming weeks.
  2. By manipulating the pickup circuit, we can add a level to the processing of your tone. We will offer 3 basic types of sound/tone (if wanted), as an upgrade for Standard guitars and as a free option for Super Standard guitars. We will also offer a custom setting of the sound/tone with our home engineer for our custom guitars (when wanted). The offer will also be available as upgrades for the Super Standard and Standard guitars.
  3. Finally, you can also intervene on your tone through the tone knob on your guitar, whatever the model.

Needless to say that we are very proud to be able to offer this pickup to our clients. It will equip all our guitars and will also soon be available for sale for all the humbucker fans out there! More news and technical details during the month of August.

Kind regards,

Your Duvoisin Guitars' Team

July 16, 2015 by Pierre Camilleri
Tags: News

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