Duvoisin Product News - Start Saving for Christmas...!

Plenty of news for guitar and bass fans these days... Here it is in Summary:
- We have a new Standard 5-String Bass, with our active pickups and a choice of 3 Duvoisin preamps... we also have 1 Lefty available (Sunburst / Rosewood Fretboard / Tortoise Pickguard), so send us an e-mail if you are interested.
- You will also find our new Fat Standard shape, that will be available for Fat Standard and Custom models.
- Check out the new pics for our Duvoisin Heritage Collection, and our Olivewood Series (Super Standard Guitars & Fat Standard Basses).
- Finally due to complaints by our fans, we now have a few Standard 4-string Lefty basses and a few Standard Lefty Guitars, all in Sunburst finish with a Rosewood Fretboard. Please write to us to order (info@duvoisinguitars.com).
Have fun surfing,
Your Duvoisin Guitars Team
October 25, 2016 by Pierre Camilleri

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