Guitar Summit, Mannheim Rosengarten, 27-29th of September

My dear Friends, unfortunately, we will not be able to participate to the Guitar Summit in Mannheim from Friday to Sunday, because German Customs Officers have insisted on applying a CITES ruling, that has been canceled in August, but the enforcement of which is only due on the 26th of November.

As most of our guitars and basses have fretboards in rosewood, we were denied entry in the country. I can only ask you to forgive us for the no-show that is beyond our will...

For the bassists amongst you, Remco Hendriks will be playing and walking around with one of our basses (with a MAPLE fretboard, thank you very much Remco!), and that is the best we will be able to do for this year...!

Have a great show, we will miss you...


September 19, 2019 by Pierre Camilleri

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