Swiss Crossroads Guitar Festival, 28th/29th of April 2017

On the 28th and 29th of april 2017, you will have the pleasure to listen to 10 guitarists at "La Jordilla", Chemin de la Vieille Laiterie, 1789 Lugnorre (Vully FR). The profit of the concerts will be offered to two associations, FORCE and ARFEC that fight for children that have cancer.
With Richard Koechli and Greg Koch the following guitarists will give their time and talent for the children: Marc Amacher, Laurent Gumy, Marc Gerber, Pierre-Alain "Pakman" Kessi, Georges "Schöre" Müller, Philipp "Bluedög" Gerber and the young wonder boy Félix Rabin.
Duvoisin Guitars SA also has the honor to be associated to the Festival, by offering a Standard Sunburst Guitar to be auctioned to the public. The auctioned amount will be added to the contribution for the two aforementioned associations.
You can find all useful information for ticket purchase and access to the Swiss Crossroads Guitar Festival here.
April 19, 2017 by Pierre Camilleri

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