Alex Lofoco in "Italia's Got Talent" seen with a Duvoisin Standard 4

Alex Lofoco demonstrating his huge skills in "Italia's Got Talent" with a Duvoisin Standard 4. For those who had doubts about the performance of the Duvoisin 3 volt preamp, here you have it... on TV and delivered by the one and only Alex Lofoco...!

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February 19, 2021 by Pierre Camilleri

A few new Videos for Duvoisin Standard Bass and Guitar

 Duvoisin is proud to present Marcelo Yakko, an Argentinean Bass Player that offers a Duvoisin Standard Bass demo... You can find all information on Marcelo's life and work on his official website.

Caught live, a solo by Samuel Vilu, a very talented Chilean Guitar Player, active in numerous bands. You can find a lot on Samuel on the net, and also with his Funk Group, Groovah.

You can check our youtube channel for all Duvoisin Guitars videos.