Most Music - Aventicum  Culture Club and Duvoisin Guitars, in collaboration with the Swiss Music Portal mx3 organise their first guitar and bass competition open to Amateur Musicians, playing in solo or group.

To participate, you are invited to apply here on the Swiss Music Portal mx3. Just register with mx3 if you are not a member (it is free) and click on "Book my Band" on our Electrify Contest page. You will also find the rules of the competition in French and German. We strongly advise you to read them before you apply.

We will expect the result of your musical work by the 15th of September 2016 at the latest. You can simply upload them on the Swiss Music Portal mx3 platform and our jury will listen to your work.

Please be aware that if you are chosen amongst the final candidates, you will have to be present and play live on the Saturday 8th of October in Avenches (VD) to have a chance to win one of the exceptional prizes offered!


  • One Duvoisin Standard Guitar (CHF 1'685.-) of your choice for the best Guitarist
  • One Duvoisin Standard Bass (CHF 1'585.-) of your choice for the best Bassist


  • Free Stage and Club for one night at the Aventicum Culture Club in Avenches, as well as a free membership for a year  (valued at CHF 700.-), offered by Most Music - Aventicum Culture Club.


  • One Gig-bag and full guitar service (CHF 240.-), and
  • One Gig-bag and full bass service (CHF 240.-), both offered by Duvoisin Guitars


All questions and contact are to be directed to