Duvoisin Vichard FullMetal

Dear Friends,

We often overuse the words “unique” or “extraordinary” to draw attention towards products that do not deserve as much. In our case, we dare you to find elsewhere our latest release. It is the result of an unexpected partnership between an artist cabinetmaker and a master luthier: The “Duvoisin Vichard”.

Cédric Vichard imagined a surprising development for our guitars and basses: The cabinetmaker explores his artistic double in giving to the wood… an appearance of metal! Technically, he applies a coating composed of 95% pure metal and completed by a protective layer. The result is a total “Vichard” guitar, electric in more ways than one: The FullMetal.

The rough or rusty looks have no negative effects on the “Duvoisin” sound nor tone quality, thanks to our innovation in the bridge. The diffusor drives the sound from the very heart of the instrument, irrespective of the volume of varnish applied. You can therefore freely enjoy its looks, while knowing that no sacrifice has been made against tone and sound.

Please note that the FullMetal finish is also available for our basses... and no, we have not forgotten bass players... their surprise will come a bit later!

Enjoy the pics, and do not hesitate to contact us for more details.

Your Team Duvoisin Vichard!