Do we have a fan...?

Do you recognize him...? and his bass? (no photoshop here, you can check it out here on the "No Treble" website and with our 5-string here on Talkbass).

Truly your's,

Your Duvoisin Guitars Team

June 18, 2015 by Pierre Camilleri
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Secondhand Guitars with a Pedigree...!

We thought we had mistreated our guitarist friends, as we had too many exceptional secondhand basses... Now the balance is back, as we present two exceptional opportunities, in an impeccable state... Will it be the Fender Custom shop '57 Relic or the PRS 25th Anniversary Santana Model? Just have fun surfing the specs...!
By the way, the Basset Hound is our's too, but this one is not for sale.
Truly Your's,
Your Duvoisin Guitars Team (including "Baguette" the Basset Hound)
June 12, 2015 by Pierre Camilleri
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And now... we're available in German

Dear Followers,

The Duvoisin Guitars Website is now available in English, en français und jetzt auch auf Deutsch...

The Language switcher is right under the Swiss flag...!

Have fun surfing our webpages,

Truly Your's,

Your Duvoisin Guitars Team

June 05, 2015 by Pierre Camilleri
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It's Pedal time, or how to boost up you pedalboard...!

Well the season has come... It is time to modulate, equalize, shift or synthesize your sound. We have added a 26 effect pedals, essentially Boss (with one collector here) and electro-harmonix in our secondhand shop and they are also up for grabs. There will be a few more to come from Source Audio (all sold in one bundle here), EBS and a few more surprises, so stay tuned.
Truly Your's
Your Duvoisin Guitars Team
May 29, 2015 by Pierre Camilleri
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Our Patented Bridge is now available in our online shop

Here we have it, available in our online shop, the Duvoisin patented bridge. You will find a model for guitar and a model for bass, both proposing two different dimensions, so that you can adjust the height of your string according to preference. The bridge and its specifications can be found on our Product+ page, in the Guitars and Basses section. All the innovative aspects are explained here.
Please do read all specifications carefully, as all retail instruments are not suited to fit our bridge. Have fun surfing our webpages.
KInd regards,
Your Duvoisin Guitars SA Team
May 13, 2015 by Pierre Camilleri

Inventory Sale... Come and grab'em...!

GAS (Gear Acquiring Syndrome) will never have been so cheap...! We're selling off our foreign inventory in order to make (lots) of room for our soon acoming new Duvoisin guitars and basses. You'll find a Fender Telecaster Deluxe, a Gibson Les Paul Traditional or this Warrior Quited Maple Tigerburst guitar with 30% knocked off its original price tag. You'll find all these brand new instruments in our Products+ page, in the Secondhand shop, marked with an unmissable blue SALE label. There are some seriously great deals to be done here, so don't waste your time, as we only have one item of each model in stock. You're welcome to navigate and shop online or vist our premises to try out the gear.

Yours Truly,

The Duvoisin Guitars SA Team

May 08, 2015 by Pierre Camilleri
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The big Apple is here...

A beautiful oil finished apple top custom guitar, the last guitar to come out of our workshop. It is no client order but one of two custom guitars to celebrate our new internet site. It's fitted with our bridge and Seymour Duncan pickups. The Duvoisin shape of this beauty is immediately recognisable to those who have been following us for the past years. You're invited to navigate along its specs on our Duvoisin custom guitar section... Have fun.

Truly your's

The Duvoisin Guitars SA Team

April 30, 2015 by Pierre Camilleri

Our last pride and joy: The poplar top bass

It's finally here... Crafted by the magical hands of Jacques and Gilles, equipped with our active electronics and our patented Duvoisin© bridge: Our custom made poplar top bass. You can check the specs in our bass section. Its incredible light weight does not alter the deep and punchy Duvoisin sound; it's a pure delight to play, definitely our pride and joy. The headstock poplar veneer is so unique that we could not force ourselves to inlay our brand on it.

This is no client order, but one of two custom basses to celebrate our new internet site. An incredible number of hours has gone into building the poplar top... So far all comments have been flatteringly positive ;-)

Truly your's

The Duvoisin Guitars SA Team

April 29, 2015 by Pierre Camilleri

Welcome to the "Secondhand Shop"

A new section of our site offers the possibility to order online and buy second hand gear. We have a first series of instruments in our online secondhand shop, some of which are vintage or collector instruments. Check out a unique Sadowsky MM4 Tokyo bass or an Alembic Spoiler. There is a good choice of gear for the bass aficionado, and even a Duvoisin second hand custom made guitar. Our retail shop is obviously still domiciled in Saint-Blaise in the Canton of Neuchâtel, so you are welcome to come and try the gear at our home.

For a limited period of time, you will also find new instruments on sale in that section. Those are part of our foreign brand inventory that we wish to sell off in order to make room for our newcoming Duvoisin guitars and basses. There are some great deals to hunt for, so grab your mouse, as the first come will be the first served...! The brands on sale include Warrior, Gibson, Fender, PRS and many more...

Have fun navigating and don't hesitate to leave questions and comments on

We'll have guitars, amps, boxes and loads of effect pedals... all second hand, coming next month so keep checking.

Your's truly,

The Duvoisin Guitars SA Team

April 28, 2015 by Pierre Camilleri

Our new site is finally online... Welcome to all music fans.

Well, we finally did it... we're now online with a new style and some new content. The website can be consulted in French or English, and German will be available in the next two weeks. Please be welcome to navigate and explore, especially the following new sections and offers:

1. Duvoisin is now focusing on its own brand... Find our "Products+" page describing our range of basses and guitars, you'll discover plenty of exciting news...! Best of all, you can now also buy online!

2. We are also opening an online Secondhand Shop... Our clients will be able to sell or buy used instruments and hardware after a thorough check and/or service by our team. We have already posted some exceptional secondhand instruments... more to come soon.

3. We are reducing the price of our foreign brand inventory, as we make room for our own guitars and basses. You'll find them in our secondhand section bearing a visible blue "Sale" stamp printed on the picture of the instrument. All "Sale" marked instruments are new and eagerly awaiting a first owner! Great deals are to be snatched on brands like Warrior, Gibson, Fender, PRS and many more,... First come, first served!

4. Finally, you will also find information on our company, our team, our innovations and where to find us if you want to check out our workshop premises.

Have fun exploring the content and don't hesitate to leave comments or questions on

Your's truly,

The Duvoisin Guitars SA Team

February 25, 2015 by Pierre Camilleri
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