Welcome to the "Secondhand Shop"

A new section of our site offers the possibility to order online and buy second hand gear. We have a first series of instruments in our online secondhand shop, some of which are vintage or collector instruments. Check out a unique Sadowsky MM4 Tokyo bass or an Alembic Spoiler. There is a good choice of gear for the bass aficionado, and even a Duvoisin second hand custom made guitar. Our retail shop is obviously still domiciled in Saint-Blaise in the Canton of Neuchâtel, so you are welcome to come and try the gear at our home.

For a limited period of time, you will also find new instruments on sale in that section. Those are part of our foreign brand inventory that we wish to sell off in order to make room for our newcoming Duvoisin guitars and basses. There are some great deals to hunt for, so grab your mouse, as the first come will be the first served...! The brands on sale include Warrior, Gibson, Fender, PRS and many more...

Have fun navigating and don't hesitate to leave questions and comments on info@duvoisinguitars.com

We'll have guitars, amps, boxes and loads of effect pedals... all second hand, coming next month so keep checking.

Your's truly,

The Duvoisin Guitars SA Team

April 28, 2015 by Pierre Camilleri