Felix Rabin in London, 05.12.2017, 19h15, 100 Club in Oxford Street

If you are in London on the 5th of December 2017, rush to the 100 Club on Oxford street to discover Félix Rabin, a 22 year old Singer-Songwriter, Blues & Rock guitar player extraordinaire. The Duvoisin Guitars Team has always had a weak spot for his aerial and subtle tone. Inspired by legends like Stevie Ray Vaughan, Jimi Hendrix, John Mayer or David Gilmour, his playing will literally blow you away.

After his noticed performances during the Montreux Jazz Festival, where he also had the pleasure of jamming with artists like Mathieu Chedid ("M"), Avishaï Cohen or even Marcus Miller.

Be at the 100 Club, 100 Oxford Street, W1D 1LL London, Tuesday 5th of December, 7:15PM, to experience something different. All details on the club 100 can be found here; as well as ticket bookings here.
November 27, 2017 by Pierre Camilleri

Guitars & More, Wettingen, Sonntag 26. November 2017

Duvoisin Guitars wird als Austeller da... mit vielen Instrumenten, so können Sie alles testen und sehen. Wir freuen uns in Wettingen begrüssen zu dürfen.
Duvoisin Guitars y sera et exposera un grand nombre de modèles. Ainsi vous pourrez tout voir et tester. Nous nous réjouissons de vous accueillir à Wettingen.
Sonntag, den 26. November 2017 / Dimanche 26 novembre 2017
Von / De 10h00 bis / à 17h00

Sport- und Kongresszentrum Tägerhard
  Tägerhardstrasse 122

  5430 Wettingen

Alle Details finden Sie auf / Vous trouverez tous les détails sur


November 17, 2017 by Gilles Duvoisin

Duvoisin Vichard FullMetal

Dear Friends,

We often overuse the words “unique” or “extraordinary” to draw attention towards products that do not deserve as much. In our case, we dare you to find elsewhere our latest release. It is the result of an unexpected partnership between an artist cabinetmaker and a master luthier: The “Duvoisin Vichard”.

Cédric Vichard imagined a surprising development for our guitars and basses: The cabinetmaker explores his artistic double in giving to the wood… an appearance of metal! Technically, he applies a coating composed of 95% pure metal and completed by a protective layer. The result is a total “Vichard” guitar, electric in more ways than one: The FullMetal.

The rough or rusty looks have no negative effects on the “Duvoisin” sound nor tone quality, thanks to our innovation in the bridge. The diffusor drives the sound from the very heart of the instrument, irrespective of the volume of varnish applied. You can therefore freely enjoy its looks, while knowing that no sacrifice has been made against tone and sound.

Please note that the FullMetal finish is also available for our basses... and no, we have not forgotten bass players... their surprise will come a bit later!

Enjoy the pics, and do not hesitate to contact us for more details.

Your Team Duvoisin Vichard!


Dimensione Musica, Locarno & Le Bluesman, Fribourg now sell Duvoisin Guitars and Basses

We now have dealers in Fribourg and in Ticino, Locarno. Mr. BonnyB himself will be greeting you at "Le Bluesman" in Fribourg, and Mr. Anes Strozzega at "Dimensione Musica" in Locarno.

For those of you living in these parts of Switzerland, a good excuse to rush and test our basses, guitars and feel the difference.

You will find our complete list of dealers here.




Enjoy you musical day,

Your Duvoisin Guitars Team

Yeahman 2. Guitar Fest, Burgdorf Markthalle 17.09.2017, 09h00 - 17h00

Duvoisin guitars will be exhibiting a selection of Guitars and Basses at the 2nd Yeahman Guitar Fest in Burgdorf, on the 17.09.2017 von 09h00 bis 17h00. Come to test and enjoy the 15% discount on all our Standard models.

Yeahman 2. Guitar Fest

09h00 - 17h00, 17.09.2017

Markthalle Burgdorf

Sägegasse 19

3400 Burgdorf (BE)


August 24, 2017 by Pierre Camilleri

"Back to School" Discount, 15.08 until 30.09... Groove away!

As means to encouraging what Geoff Edgers of the "Washington Post" called The slow, secret death of the six string electric guitar. And why should you care, Duvoisin Guitars decides to fight back with a discount meant essentially to those that will become the guitar heroes and artists of tomorrow! Enjoy a 15% discount on all our Standard Guitars and Basses until the end of september.... and groove away my friends... Just groove away...!

August 21, 2017 by Pierre Camilleri

Duvoisin Heritage s'expose au 20 ans d'Alzac Studio a Montreux

Profitez des portes ouvertes, les 2 et 3 septembre, du studio Alzac à Montreux. La série Duvoisin Heritage y sera exposée le 3 septembre pour la jam session... vous pourrez ainsi tester la qualité de nos instruments...!

Samedi 2 et Dimanche 3 septembre 2017

Alzac Studio Montreux

Avenue de Chillon 69

1820 Montreux

August 21, 2017 by Gilles Duvoisin

Chuck Rainey spotted playing a Duvoisin Custom Bass

It is a "No Treble" article from 2012 that has recently been re-posted on the net, showing Chuck Rainey playing a Duvoisin Custom, when we were yet but just an emerging luthier in Saint-Blaise. Can we just say that we are so proud that such a legend thought that our basses were good enough for him to play on...!

In fact he must have liked it, because he came back for a custom 5 string a year later...! You can check the pics at V. Wooten's bass camp in 2009...!

August 14, 2017 by Pierre Camilleri

Duvoisin Guitar Demos with Felix Rabin on Saturday 08.07.2017 at Sierre Blues Festival

Félix Rabin will do us the honors to demo our guitars on our Duvoisin Booth on Saturday 8th of July, during the Sierre Blues Festival.
Do not miss his concert, the day before, on the 7th of July, starting at 17h30 on the main stage. You will feel your hairs raise when this "Wunderkind" delivers you his interpretation of the Rock & Blues.
Sierre Blues Festival
Route de la plaine
3960 Sierre (VS)
July 05, 2017 by Pierre Camilleri

Come and check us out at the Sierre Blues Festival, 6-8th of July 2017

You will find us within the premises of the SierreBlues Festival, showing our Swiss made guitars and basses, in the Duvoisin Booth.
Thursday 6th - Friday 7th - Saturday 8th of July 2017
Route de la Plaine
3960 Sierre, VS
We will have a bass and a guitar amp for those who want to try out our instruments.
Wishing you a wonderful musical weekend.
Your team Duvoisin Guitars SA
June 28, 2017 by Pierre Camilleri