Woodbank for Fat/Super Standard & Custom orders

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Brand Duvoisin Guitars SA

Please check out our special wood sets to make your Fat/Super Standard or Custom Bass or Guitar.


 If you click on the scroll down menu, you will find the picture corresponding to the following specs (width, the two boards side by side, length and depth all in mm):


1. "Indian Style": Poplar Burl, 435 x 565 x 9 mm (SOLD)

2. "Treewoman": Spalted Maple, 458 x 551 x 13 mm

3. "Cavern": Spalted Walnut, 381 x 581 x 7 mm

4. "Volcano": Walnut, 360 x 553 x 14 mm



None of these pieces are for sale, but can become part of your project to build your future bass or guitar.

For any further information, please contact us.