About Us

Brushes are an important tool for Duvoisin guitar fabrication process

Duvoisin Guitars S.A. is a lute-maker boutique, whose target is to provide music lovers with the right musical instrument. We have worked hard to perfect and refine the electric guitars and basses we offer to our clients. Throughout the years, we have decided to build and develop our very own pickups and circuit board to fit our musical instruments with the Duvoisin sonic philosophy. Today, all our guitars and basses are offered featuring our key innovations such as bridge and electronics, but the price range determines the level of in-house construction of body and neck. Please do not hesitate to check our products and innovation pages to get an overview.


After having successfully obtained a degree from the Technicum of La Chaux-de-Fonds in the Canton of Neuchâtel, Jacques starts a watchmaking career, working for Omega during ten years and opening his own business in 1980, “Pendulantic”. It is the simple sound of a bass player in the street that will spark off Jacques’ new career in the manufacturing of our electric basses and guitars.

Jacques is responsible for R&D and the manufacture of our musical instruments.


Son of Jacques and holder of a degree of the Commercial School of Neuchâtel since 2002, his passion is electric guitar, and thus he decides to lead a life selling these musical instruments. After an internship with Warrior Guitars in Rossville, Georgia, he sets up shop, Ace Guitars, in Saint-Blaise in 2003. After having built his first guitar, he works together with his father to develop the Duvoisin brand.

Gilles is responsible for the development and manufacture of our musical instruments; he also repairs, modifies or improves your musical stringed instrument, whatever brand it may be.


EPFL graduated electrical engineer; Gérald starts working in the areas of plastic money and telecommunications, always as a researcher. He is then appointed Professor of Electronics at the Engineering School of Saint-Imier, now known as the HE-Arc Engineering School. That leads Gérald and Jacques meet to discuss the development of “Swiss made” pickups and electronics for Duvoisin musical instruments. Their collaboration will never stop.

Gérald is our consultant for R&D in all electronic areas of our instruments and accessories.


Holder of a BA in law from the University of Fribourg, Pierre has an extensive career in private banking. He discovers the Duvoisin brand through the internet, tries a bass. And immediately orders three instruments! In exchanging ideas, Jacques surprisingly suggests a collaboration. Without much hesitation, Pierre leaves the bank and joins the party!

Pierre is responsible for management, finance and the marketing strategy.


Our company is born in 2006 as “Duvoisin & Co.”, when its sole owner, Jacques Duvoisin, decided to pursue his quest to build and manufacture the perfect bass. Renting the space adjacent to his son Gilles’ guitar shop “Ace Guitars”, they join forces to build bass and guitar that will answer their bill of specifications. In order to get the wood work right, they are joined part time by Didier Coulet whose family owns a carpentry. The trio markets their first basses and guitars, fitted with retail electronics, in 2006, but Jacques wants to go a few steps further. He wants to design a new bridge for both instruments and develop active pickups for the bass. The completion of that target signs his partnership with Gérald Huguenin in 2007. He will be the father and designer of the electronic circuit board, thanks to a cooperation with the HE ARC school of Neuchâtel. The new active pickups are completed in 2007 and the Fat Standard bass will be offered, alongside the Custom, in 2012 for the first time.

Brushes are an important tool for Duvoisin guitar fabrication process

Duvoisin Guitars Today

2013 marks a turning point, as Didier must leave to take care of the family business full time and Pierre Camilleri joins the group to invest, restructure the company in a “Société Anonyme” and develop an entry level instrument range. The newly re-born Duvoisin Guitars S.A. decides to develop their own passive guitar pickups and to offer a Standard Guitar and Bass line of products, next to the existing Fat Standard, Super Standard and Custom products. The full Standard and Custom offering was ready during 2015, the Fat Standard offering as well as other original finishes were presented in 2017.