The Duvoisin Guitars

The "Standard"

Available in four original colours and year-specific limited editions, the Standard Guitar is our entry level guitar on which you find all the classic Duvoisin© features, such as our patented bridge and homemade passive humbuckers. The body and neck are built to our strict requirements and the instrument is then assembled, adjusted and tested in our workshop. The Standard offers volume tone control, a 3 positional selector and splittable humbuckers, allowing you to choose, out of 8 possibilities, your preferred pickup combination.

Further options include an oil finish for the neck or a hand carved bone nut for all models.

You will find colour, wood, fret board, neck, pick guard and hardware descriptions by consulting your model of choice. All our models are identified by a serial number that is kept in our database.

All our prices are before taxes (except for our swiss clients) and before shipping costs.

Our change in price policy for our Standard guitars is simply due to a change in philosophy: we now sell directly to the customer, cutting the middleman or the distributor (except for a very few international resellers) and returning that margin directly to the consumer.

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The "Super Standard"

A homemade body joined to a neck made to our specific requirements, the Super Standard is an intermediary step to the Custom. The shape stays the one of the Standard, yet the body is all about the Swiss wood grain pattern and colour. The model offers a clear satin or an oil finish.

Depending on wood arrivals, we sometimes make special limited editions with a massive top laminate. Check our news section to keep updated.

All our prices are tax free. VAT is only charged for Swiss Resident Customers.

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The "Custom"

This one is easy to summarize… Just call us and we will see what we can do. One thing is sure: it will entirely be done in our workshop from scratch. You choose the types of wood, the number of layers, the shape, and whatever makes you happy… we will work on it.

Check out our sold instruments gallery to get ideas…

All our prices are tax free. VAT is only charged for Swiss Resident Customers.

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Sold instruments

To get an inspiration of our previous work, just check out some of the instruments already sold to other customers:

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