Why innovation matters to Duvoisin Guitars

«The real innovators did their innovating by just being themselves.»

Count Basie


Innovative concept for pickups and integrated preamp

Duvoisin MIG-82 Humbuckers

Our innovative changes in how to build a humbucker are a revolution in design. Instead of fixing the conventional magnetic bar below the coil, we use a new ferromagnetic non-magnetised rectangular piece of metal, on which all components of our MIG-82 are fixed. Two copper coils are then wound around the two plastic frames and 6 non-magnetised cylinders are housed within the first frame. At the tip of each cylinder sits a powerfully magnetized disc, with a standard diameter of 8mm and a thickness of 2mm. The second Frame encloses 6 adjustment screws, which allow an adjustment of the height of the humbucker relative to the strings. The unique construction of the MIG-82 allows you to change the magnetised discs. You can customize significantly the sound characteristics of the humbuckers, and thus give a distinct "colour" to your tone, without having to buy new pickups, simply by replacing the discs: different disc size combinations will produce different sonic signatures. Discs with diameters smaller than standard generate a brighter sound and the tone tends to become rounder as the disc diameter increases. Sets of six 8.0mm and 4.0 mm diameter discs are available in our online shop to purchase now. You can also benefit from the additional tone flexibility our revolutionary humbuckers provide by replacing your current pickup with an MIG-82. Our humbuckers have been designed to fit most guitars, but please check the detailed specifications in our online shop to make sure that they can fit on your instrument. You can find further information and tips on our instructional video.

Innovative concept for pickups and integrated preamp

Duvoisin active bass pickups

In partnership with the “ARC Engineering Haute Ecole” and professional bass players, we have developed an innovative concept for pickups and integrated preamp, the purpose of which is not to seek to increase voltage but rather to put forward the colour of the instrument, which is a result of type of woods chosen to make it and to emphasize “transparency”. We only require a 3 volt electrical supply (via two AA batteries), as we have managed to increase band width considerably (10-12kHz) and guarantee an exceptionally low residual noise of the bass guitar. The improvement in sound quality is equivalent to that of the move from the K7 audio tape of yesteryear to the CD. The details of the controls is described in our "Products" page. Please be note that electronics vary according to the model of bass chosen.

The Duvoisin Bridge

The Duvoisin DSS bridge

An essential element of the bass or the guitar, the duty of which is to hold the extremities of the strings and relay the sound generated by the vibration to the whole instrument. Our patented bridge consists mainly of a diffuser, a base plate and a deck plate. It, of course, enables the adjustment of string height and scale length, but the most important innovation lies in the diffuser. Encased inside the body of the instrument, it drives the sound from its very heart, enhancing considerably its sustain. We have also chosen to avoid linking the bridges together, meaning that each string rests on its own bridge, separate from the others, which improves the decoupling of the system, and which also considerably reduces the residual noise that mono bloc bridges generate. Our patented bridges are available on all our models.

Duvoisin strings without ball ends

Strings without ball ends

Again, a Duvoisin innovation and improvement. Our research has shown that the best connection between string and bridge is achieved through the removal of the ball end from the string. The remaining loop is then fastened around a tailor made bolt connected to the base plate to make sure that sound is driven the best possible way. The client retains the option, if he so desires, to keep the ball end on his strings, as the necessary nuts and bolts are provided with each instrument. Check out our video on how to cut out the ball ends from the string on our youtube channel.