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«Music is my religion»

Jimi Hendrix


Pascal Kaeser

Pascal Kaeser plays Duvoisin Basses

Pascal "P" Kaeser, born in Bern, Switzerland, grew up in the suburbs of the Swiss capital city. His first contacts with music were all about flute, ukulele, and classical guitar, before he finally decides to devote his professional life to making his bass strings roar.

Having much enjoyed a yearlong musical experience with "UpWithPeople" in 1995, he applies and enters the Berklee College of Music in 1997. During his studies, Pascal will also take the time to work with international and Swiss national artists such as Akil the MC (Jurassic 5), Keith Harris (Black Eyed Peas), Nicole Bernegger (The Voice of Switzerland), Greis and The James Brown Tribute Show. Graduating with honours in 2000, he is now a Swiss session and touring bassist in the musical genres of Pop, Hip-hop, Funk, Jazz, and Soul. His “partners in crime” include fellow musicians such as J.J. Flueck (www.soulvision.ch), Sam Siegenthaler, Andreas Renggli, Massimo Buonanno and Christoph Fluri. Pascal has also tirelessly endorsed Duvoisin electric basses since the beginning of the firm’s adventure in the field of lute-making.

You can find all about Pascal’s universe on www.p-bass.ch and www.groovetwins.com.

Alex Lofoco

Alex Lofoco plays Duvoisin Basses

Alex was born and raised in Rome before moving in London where he graduated in Popular Music Performance at the University of West London.

He released his progressive fusion debut album “Beyond” in December 2017, featuring guest artists Marco Minnemann on drums (Aristocrats), keyboard Wizard Jordan Rudess (Dream Theater), Eric Marienthal (Chick Corea Elektric Band), Jesus Molina and Tomasz Bura on piano and guitarist, composer and co-producer Roby Meola.

You can also order on Alex’s website the first volume of his “Scale Colour System”, a useful and original bass method released in August 2018.

Alex holds masterclasses and clinic worldwide invited by music colleges including the Musicians Institute in Los Angeles, BIMM and the ICMP in London. Endorsing for world’s top musical instrument companies Alex performs at international music shows such as the NAMM Show, Frankfurt Musikmesse, Euro Bass Day and the London Bass Guitar Show. He has featured on Bass Guitar Magazine, German Bass Quarterly and Chitarre magazines, and he also contributes with lessons and articles to Bass Musician Magazine and MusicOff.com.

We feel so lucky that Alex flashed on our Heritage fretless bass with epoxy coating, that he chose in red with a black pickguard. The name of the beast: “Obsidiana Fireheart”. We love his technique, his melodies and his emerging works as an exceptional bassplayer. You'll find an example with this video.

Olivier Nussbaum

Pascal Kaeser plays Duvoisin Basses

After first acquiring solid experience as an electric bassist in various groups ranging from duos to bigbands, in the mid ‘90’s Oliver discovered the acoustic sounds of the double bass and began exploring its many facets, gradually learning to say very essential things with his music, in a style of playing that emphasizes intuition and spontaneity. His flexibility and open-mindedness have enabled him to bring his instruments to a wide range of repertories, from baroque to contemporary and everything in between, such as rock, blues, jazz, or world music.

His concerts and tours have seen him happily joining on the stage with many noteworthy musicians. He has participated in several renowned international festivals, such as the International Jazz Festival in Havana, Cuba; the Festival international de jazz in Montreal, Canada; the Euro Pop Days in Freiburg im Brisgau, Germany; the Festival d’Avignon in France; or the Francosonic Festival of London, England.

Olivier is fascinated by – and indeed finds daily nourishment from – all the different aspects of composing, improvising, and research in sound. Through this, he has been able to express the wealth of possibilities within him in collaborating on over twenty multimedia creations and in leading or co-leading the design and production of projects such as Le chant de Planètes, Corpus, Le Tour du Cadran, Naïma, and Zzhr 4tet, to name a few.

Since 2013, Olivier has had this enthrallment with Hindustani music. He has the good fortune of being able to study its depth and complexity under Ken Zuckerman, who in turn studied for over thirty years under the great master, Ali Akbar Khan, thereby belonging in his own humble way to the prestigious Maihar Gharana School.

You can find all about Olivier's universe on www.oliviernussbaum.com.

Samuel Vilu

Samuel Vilu plays Duvoisin Guitars

Samuel Vilu was born in Chili on the 15th of June 1986. His father, a professional guitar player, forces his son to interact with the musical universe at a very young age. On his 13th birthday, Samuel joins the “Antonio Vivaldi” orchestra to study violin. 4 years later he develops a passion for electric guitar and starts his first bands. After high school, Samuel decides to study jazz guitar in the “Projazz” Music Institute of Santiago. While continuing his studies at the University of Valparaíso, he manages to publish two poem collections with the “Balmaceda Valpo” publishing house.

In 2008, Samuel decides to emigrate in Argentina to attend musical composition courses at the University of La Plata. In composing his first musical works, Samuel also discovers theatre and decides to take a drama class to get a degree on the subject. He first trains with the “Cabuia” theatre company before joining. During this time, he also composes music for the theatre and gives music lessons.

Samuel has already released two albums as composer and performer. He is also involved in various musical projects in Switzerland, including “Groovah”, a group he joins in June 2014, “Roxanne and Samuel”, an acoustic duo, “Samuel Vilu and Titito", a funky-blues experimental duo, or “Samuel Vilu 3D”, a funk-rock trio. He is also working on his 3rd solo album.

Chris Kollias

Chris Kollias plays Duvoisin Guitars

Chris Kollias was born in December 1986 in Athens, Greece. His first steps in music were playing the flute in elementary school. He switches to bass at the age of 17 and since then has become a professional bass player. He now works as a session musician for recordings, and live acts. He is also a bass instructor and a gear demonstrator.

Currently Chris is the bassist of four different bands: SL Theory, Persona Non Grata, Serenity Broken and Menorah. You can click on the links to find out more about Chris and his bands.

Ever since we met him in early 2017, we have grown fond of his widespread technique and bass skills. We feel honored to count him as a friend of the Duvoisin basses.