Why innovation matters to Duvoisin Guitars

«If something is easy to repair, it is easy to construct.»

Leo Fender

Repair and Services

Most common services and repairs have a fixed rate listed in the sections below. Some repairs or services can present unexpected complications and may require additional labour charges beyond the fixed rate, in these cases you will be contacted with a revised estimate.

Type of Repair Price CHF
Guitar/Bass without tremolo, Complete setting and restring 80.–
Guitar/Bass with tremolo, Complete setting and restring 100.–
Acoustic Guitar/Bass, Complete setting and restring 50.–
Fretboard clean-up and oil treatment 25.–
Fret clean-up and polish 25.–
Complete Fret replacement (instruments without binding) from 600.–
Complete Fret replacement (instruments with binding) from 800.–
Fret levelling from 200.–
Complete Restring 20.–
Neck and heel adjustment (for bolt-on instruments) 80.–
Complete replacement of a bone nut (hand carved) 120.–
Complete replacement of a brass nut (hand carved) 150.–
Monobloc Bridge replacement 100.–
Pickup replacement (different size) from 200.–
Tremolo setup from 300.–
Broken headstock repair from 100.–
Lacquer/Coating damage repair from 100.–
Potentiometer replacement from 80.–
Rewiring from 150.–

All prices include Swiss VAT
Prices do not include spare parts and/or strings, unless specifically mentioned
Remember to contact us for all services and repairs that are either not listed or do not have a fixed rate.
We will be happy to discuss your ideas and give you a quote.