Boss Pitch Shifter/Delay PS-3

SFr. 160.00
SFr. 112.00

Brand Boss

This pedal is a collector, known for its famous "mode 7", a reversed pitch shifter. It has mono or stereo output, input and an expression pedal input. It can be used with a Boss 9 VDC electric adaptor or a 9V battery. The pedal effect modes are the following:

  1. Delay 32-125ms
  2. Delay 125-500ms
  3. Delay 500-2000ms
  4. Single Pitch Shift: Detune
  5. Single Pitch Shift: +/- 2 Octave (Fast)
  6. Single Pitch Shift: +/- 2 Octave (Slow)
  7. Single Pitch Shift: +/- 2 Octave (Reverse)
  8. Dual Pitch Shift: Detune & Detune
  9. Dual Pitch Shift: Detune & +/- 2 Octave
  10. Dual Pitch Shift: +/- 2 Octave & +/- 2 Octave
  11. Expression: Pitch A - Pitch B

You can find the owner's manual in the Boss knowledge base here.

The pedal is in a good state, but comes as is, without its original box and owner's manual.