Duvoisin DSS Bass Bridge

SFr. 63.00

Brand duvoisin

Made of a diffuser, a base plate and its saddle, with all its nuts and bolts. Here are the specifications:

  • Base plate A: 50.00mm x 16.00mm x 6.00mm
  • Base plate B: 50.00mm x 16.00mm x 4.00mm
  • Diffuser: Diameter of 8.00mm, Length of 36.00mm
  • Saddle: Diameter of 5.00mm, Width of 16.00mm with 3 driving slots
  • String retaining screw (for strings without ball end): Diameter of M3.0, Length of 6.00mm
  • String retaining screw: M3.0, Length of 10.00mm

The total height of the string is calculated by adding the base plate (A or B) thickness to the saddle diameter. The difference in the height of the baseplate is generally due to the presence (or not) of a pickguard.

The string retaining screw for strings without ball end does not need to be removed when you change your string, as the loop is larger than the screw head.

If you wish to set the bridge on your bass, please make sur that the body thickness is at least 41mm. Should it be thinner, there is always a possibility to saw off a piece of the diffuser, but we strongly advise to have this done in our workshop.



  • For instruments featuring two-piece bridge systems (typically a tailpiece with a bridge inserted in a drilled cavity), we do not advise to adapt our bridge to these types of basses.
  • For all compatible basses, please be aware that changing the bridge will add new drill holes to your instrument and possibly leave indelible marks or stains on the color or finish around the bridge area
  • The price shown is per unit (in other words 1 bridge for 1 string). If you have a 4-string bass, you will therefore need 4 units.

Finally, you are always welcome to entrust us with your bass to proceed to the change in our workshop. Don't hesitate to contact us at