Duvoisin Vichard 5-String FullMetal Fretless (Epoxy), Brass

SFr. 3,156.00

Brand Duvoisin Vichard

    A striking art work by Cédric Vichard. The brass finish on this bass is nothing short of unique. Please take the time to check out the pic of the back of the bass, the patterns are exceptional. This bass is already spoken for, but gives you a glimpse of Cédric's talent.


    No two FullMetal Basses or Guitars look alike as the finish is hand made and different for each instrument. For more information, just call us (+41 32 753 1991) or drop us an e-mail (info@duvoisinguitars.com).


    Orders are to be adressed to info@duvoisinguitars.com.


    • 34" Bolt-on bass, 5-string,  21 frets
      • FullMetal Brass Finish (Top, Bottom and Head) by Cédric Vichard
      • Ash body
      • Canadian hard maple neck, 21.3mm thick (12th fret)
      • Rosewood fretboard with white dot inlays and side dots
      • Defretted, lined, epoxy coating
      • Radius 355R (14")
      • Brass nut, 45mm wide
      • Gotoh hardware (Machine heads, Jack cover), with special FullMetal Brass finish
      • Gotoh Control Knobs, special FullMetal Brass finish
      • Black strap locks
      • Duvoisin© DSS bridge, black finish
      • Duvoisin© active neck and bridge split coil humbucker
      • Onboard 3V preamp:
        • Standard: Volume, Balance, Treble & Bass
      • Weight 4.5Kgs (estimate)
      • This bass is sold with our Duvoisin Gig bag