Duvoisin Vichard FullMetal Bass, Bronze

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    Cédric Vichard imagined a surprising development for our guitars and basses: The cabinetmaker explores his artistic double in giving to the wood… an appearance of metal! Technically, he applies a coating composed of 95% pure metal and completed by a protective layer. The result is a total “Vichard” guitar, electric in more ways than one: The FullMetal.

    The rough surface has no negative effects on the “Duvoisin” sound nor tone quality, thanks to our innovation in the bridge. The diffusor drives the sound from the very heart of the instrument, irrespective of the volume of varnish applied. You can therefore freely enjoy its looks, while knowing that no sacrifice has been made against tone and sound.

    The FullMetal finish is available in 5 different looks. You will find a sample of each in the picture gallery.

    When you order, we will ask you which options you choose relative to Hardware, completion of the FullMetal finish, maple or rosewood fretboard... . These different options, offered to match your personal taste do not impact the price of the instrument.

    • Bolt-on 34" scale 21 fret electric bass
    • Special FullMetal finish (Top & sides, bottom on demand), Bronze, a collaboration with Cédric Vichard
    • Ash body
    • Maple neck
    • Matching Headstock (Top or Top and bottom on demand)
    • Neck thickness 23mm at the 12th fret
    • Maple fret board with black dot inlays and black side dots
    • PPS or Bone nut, 39mm wide
    • Gotoh hardware (Machine heads and control knobs)
    • Dunlop strap locks
    • Duvoisin© DSS bridge
    • Duvoisin© active neck and bridge split coil humbucker
    • 3 position selector
    • Onboard 3V preamp, featuring volume, balance, treble and bass
    • Weight 4.312Kgs
    • This bass is sold with our Duvoisin Gig bag